The Vision :: Standalone Version

Whenever showing The Vision Presentation to an audeince, we ask that you mention the book "The Vision + The Vow"
if people want to know more. And also mention the website "" to find out more.

PC : Standalone "The Vision Presentation"
MAC : Standalone "The Vision Presentation"

DISCLAIMER: 24-7 Prayer holds no responsilbilty for any damage, loss of data or injury caused in using The Vision Presentation.
By downloading The Vision Presentation you are agreeing to these terms.



Using for projection: You will need to set your computer to use Clone-Screen,
and not Extended-Destkop. We strongly recommend using a screen resolution of 800x600.
The presentation will not scale itself to fill the screen, but runs at 500x480. So a smaller
screen resolution will mean more of the screen is filled with the presentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To close the presentation, simply press 'Escape' on your keyboard. Then close the window.